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Bite Team

We have always been fascinated by the ability to make people happy and satisfied by cooking

Iosif and Bite Team

We want to never stop positively affecting a lot of people and their daily lives. Testimony are the over 10 years of activity throughout the country and the over 3 million satisfied customers

Dan, Dinuța and Roxana

Cooperation with local producers and careful choice of partners helps us to offer taste and safety to our products. By ensuring that the rules are followed and the raw materials are constant, we can provide the necessary freshness to the products.

Production Manager 

What makes us unique?

The care given to the use of the best ingredients and spices gives Bite products a unique taste and aroma. The sandwiches and the rest of the products are handcrafted by the Bite team and this allows us to pay more attention to small details.

Each sandwich tells the story of the place from which it was inspired. We do not try to offer you only a meal, but a whole experience. In order to bring the taste of Transylvania in our products, we decided to make our own spices, especially paprika, which is indispensable in Transylvanian dishes. For those who long for the flavor of Italy, we designed the sandwiches with Focaccia bread, we use the authentic recipe with olive oil and long fermentation time. We also have something for those who hope to live the American dream, our pastrami of slow-cooked beef for 8 hours contains the taste of New York.

Our ingredients come from Romanian farms.

The story of Bite Sandwiches

Bite Sandwiches (SC PLEURO IND SRL) 

We started the activity in 1997 in Târgu Mureș. Starting with 2008, at SC PLEURO IND SRL, in addition to the distribution activity carried out until then, we launched the activity of producing sandwiches and ready meals through an investment of approximately 1.5 million euros. We opened up a new production space and equiped it to meet the international high standards for food production. Becoming sandwich makers by launching sandwiches and the Bite product range, we have complied with the trends in this industry and set out with a clear goal: to offer customers tasty, healthy, easy-to-eat sandwiches and always keep up with culinary trends. Innovation has been constantly present in the products we have developed.

One of the contributions in this regard is the Good Bread. As a result of the research we have carried out for 2 years in order to be able to offer a healthy bread in our sandwiches, without E's, preservatives and added fats. The Good Bread is now the delight of Bite sandwiches.

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