Bite îți aduce primul sandwich cu NUTRISCORE din România. Pentru că ne pasă de dieta ta și vrem să te ajutăm să faci alegerile bune


Bite îți aduce primul sandwich cu NUTRISCORE din România. Pentru că ne pasă de dieta ta și vrem să te ajutăm să faci alegerile bune
NUTRISCORE are la bază un algoritm de calcul care oferă puncte pentru fiecare element din tabelul de nutriție. Bite îți arată cum.

Cum se calculează NUTRISCORE?

NUTRISCORE is based on a calculation algorithm that provides points for each element in the nutrition table. NUTRISCORE is always calculated for 100g / 100 ml. The components listed in the kilocalorie table are divided into nutrients that are good for health and should be consumed often, and nutrients that are less good or bad for health and that should be consumed in moderation. Good nutrients are: protein, fiber, percentage of fruits, vegetables, nuts, rapeseed oil, walnut oil and olive oil, while bad nutrients are: energy value, sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids. At the end we subtract the positive points from the negative ones and convert the result in the Nutri-Score table.

NUTRISCORE te ajută să observi și să înțelegi mai bine informațiile legate de valorile nutriționale ale produsului fără să fie nevoie să citești tabelul energetic

What is Nutriscore?

Nutriscore is a food labeling scheme developed by French researchers and found on the front of packaging. NUTRISCORE helps you to observe and better understand the information related to the nutritional values of the product at a glance without having to read the energy table.

How to read Nutriscore?

NUTRISCORE is based on a system of 5 colors (from dark green to red) and 5 letters or ratings (from A to E).
Products marked in green (A, B) are important products in our diet, which we should consume more often or in larger quantities. Products marked with yellow (C) should be consumed in moderation. Products marked with red (D, E) should be consumed in smaller quantities or occasionally, as they contain a higher amount of saturated fats, sugar, salt, which should be limited in the daily diet.

"For a healthy life,

avoid excess salt, sugar

and fat."

Avoiding does not mean completely giving up certain dishes or snacks. We all have our little innocent pleasures whether it's a slice of french fries, a burger, a pizza, a donut or an ice cream (Yes, even ice cream!). Sometimes the products we like the most are not good for our health because they contain salt, sugar, and fats that are consumed in large quantities that lead to health problems (diabetes, obesity), but this does not mean that we should completely eliminated from the diet. The key words are moderation and balance. You can still enjoy a portion of french fries, as long as you do not eat in the morning, at noon and in the evening, every day of the week ... and as long as you include in the diet other foods rich in protein, fiber, nuts, fruits and vegetables to get a balance.

NUTRISCORE. Alege înțelept, alege echilibrat. Bite ține la sănătatea ta și îți ușurăm alegerea. Primul sandwich cu NUTRISCORE din România
29 January 2022

NUTRISCORE. Choose wisely, choose balanced

A healthy lifestyle starts with a balanced diet.  


Choosing the right foods is the first step. We know how hard it is and that you don't always have time to look at energy values, but what if there was a quick way to decide if a food is right or not for your diet? This is where NUTRISCORE intervenes. A color-based and qualifying labeling system that helps identify the nutritional value of a food product. NUTRISCORE does not tell us what not to eat, but it helps us understand which products should be consumed more often and which products we should enjoy only from time to time. We have decided to introduce NUTRISCORE on the entire range of Bite products to make your choice easier.